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My name is Brittneymae R. Truesdale Im a freelance designer of 3 years. I've loved art and design from a small age. Each and every aspect about it is beautiful. I've studied commercial arts, graphic design, photography, and residential and industrial design. Fulfilling my dream has been an on going fight but I'm determined to make it come true. If you are reading this you are my motivation, faith, and hope.


I chose ForeverBoundless for many reasons. I'm sure you have a dream or a goal you want to accomplish. When will you start? How long will it take? and What is your plan?.



I've gone through several careers searching for the right one because nothing keeps my interest.  I sit at my day job wondering and searching for ways to make my dream come true. I will continue to do so until I am able to wake up and do what I  love every day of my life. I will not give up or give in. If there is any doubt in your mind that you can't or you never could make your dream come true. The only thing that is making that valid is yourself. There are endless opportunities in the world. There are those who are willing to give a helping hand. If you are not searching you will never find. I've worked three jobs and attended college just to provide a roof over my head and get an education and be one step closer. Working seven days a week and no social life. I did this not only for me but to show and be an example to anyone that thinks its impossible to be successful. Here I am three years later.  


Each and every individual is capable of fulfilling their dream. Each and everyday I am one step closer. Are you?